Employees lacking basic English and maths skills is a nationwide problem across all ages with more than one in five businesses having to provide remedial support to bring even graduates’ basic skills up to an acceptable level.


As one of the largest and most successful providers of high quality English and maths training in England, NCC Skills support hundreds of employers nationwide to help train their workforce to learn the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to perform their jobs at a much higher level.

Working in partnership with FE Colleges and training providers, NCC Skills offer basic skills training with a fully qualified teacher on an individual or small group basis. This is delivered in the workplace so that there is minimal disruption to your business.

Learn more about how we deliver our training here.


Improving an employee’s basic skills has been evidenced to boost efficiency and morale while reducing accident and absenteeism rates.

Whether it’s writing letters, making financial calculations, processing procurement orders or even just communicating with customers; an employee’s English and maths skills are critical. Incorrect sums and bad grammar or spelling can hold a business’s growth back significantly and also demotivate staff when carrying out their everyday tasks.

Surveys consistently show that adults who lack literacy and numeracy skills tend to be less productive at work. Research by Canadian’s NWT Literacy Council (2005) estimated that an improved literacy rate creates a 2.5% boost in productivity.


NCC Skills also offers a wide range of vocational awards which can contextualise English and maths around the course at no extra cost.

Employers get the added value of a certified qualification for their staff who in turn do not feel too stigmatised for taking part in training to improve their basic skills. In addition, research studies have proven this method to be far more effective for learners, providing them with a better understanding of the vocational subject area. We offer a wide range of courses to suit your business needs, for a full list please click here.
With NCC Skills, employers can receive the training for free* as these programmes are fully funded by the Government.
*subject to learner eligibility and funding availability.

We are driven to help people unlock their learning potential, progress in their careers and help boost employer’s growth. To get started on your NCC Skills journey today, please complete our online booking form and someone from our team will be in touch.

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