F.A.Q | Frequently Asked Questions
F.A.Q | Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pre-Course
  • What courses do you offer?

    NCC Skills deliver English and maths basic skills at Entry Level 3 and Level 1. We also deliver English and Maths Functional Skills at Level 2. These can be delivered as standalone courses or alongside one of our 11 vocational courses; this allows you to create your own personalised qualification. For more details on the vocational courses available please see our ‘courses’ page.

  • What does Contextualised mean?

    Contextualised delivery means providing English or maths skills within a vocational task or tasks. Reports have shown by embedding basic skills training within vocational training courses is far more effective for learners, providing them with a better understanding of the subject area.

  • How long do the courses take to complete?

    All of our courses require a minimum of 8 sessions that must be completed within 12 weeks. This allows learners a great deal of flexibility and enables our tutors to tailor the delivery to suit an individual learner’s particular needs.

  • Where does the training take place?

    We employ a network of fully qualified tutors who work throughout England and will have a local tutor who is able to come and deliver training to you in the workplace. The tutor will work with you to ensure that the training does not have a negative impact on the smooth running of your business.

  • Who is your awarding body?

    All our Maths and English courses are registered and certificated by the awarding body Ascentis. They also register and certificate our Mental Health Awareness vocational course. We certificate all of the other vocational offerings ourselves.

  • How much do these courses cost?

    All of our courses are fully funded so providing the learner is eligible (see eligibility section) there are no costs at all, including certification.

  • Can we do a vocational course by itself?

    No, to receive the course fully funded your staff must complete the English or maths basic skills component.

  • Can we do more than one course at a time?

    Learners can complete one vocational course whilst working towards achieving an English or maths qualification. Upon completion, providing they are eligible for another English or maths course at a higher level, they can progress onto further courses.

  • Eligibility
  • How do I know if my staff are eligible?

    The eligibility criteria for our courses are:

    * Learners must be at least 19 years of age by 31st August of the current year.
    * They must be an EU/EEA resident with the right to work and live in the UK.
    * They cannot be completing any other English or maths training.
    * They must demonstrate a need to improve their English and or maths skills

  • How will my staff be assessed?

    Before enrolling staff will complete an English and or maths assessment to determine what level they are currently working at. The tutor will also assess the learner’s skills during a one to one discussion. The learner will then be enrolled onto an English or maths course that is one level higher than they are currently working. E.G. if they were assessed at a level one we would enrol them onto a level 2 course. They will also be enrolled on to the required vocational course without the need for assessment.

  • I am a large employer, can I access funding?

    Yes, we have funding available to all employers irrespective of size.

  • How many staff do I need to book?

    We ask for a minimum of 10 learners but can be flexible on this depending on the location of the nearest tutor.

  • How do I book a course?

    To book places please complete the online booking form or call the enquiry line on 0330 111 9885.


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