Employers can understandably be put off basic skills training for their staff because; sometimes the training can be generic, it can take their employees out of the workplace and in the past it has had limited success in improving their employees’ literacy and numeracy. At NCC Skills we have devised an industry-leading model that addresses all of these problems:
HIGH QUALITY TAILORED TRAINING - Our tutors assess each individual’s basic English and maths skills against national standards and offer the right level of training for their specific needs.

TRAINING TAKES PLACE ON-SITE - Our NCC Skills tutors are all qualified teachers who come to the workplace to deliver the training and ensure there is minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of the business.

97% OF LEARNERS ACHIEVE COURSE OUTCOMES - The high quality tailored courses that NCC Skills provide has meant we have an unparalleled 97% success rate, with many employers almost immediately recognising the transformative benefit our training has on their staff’s performance.


The best part about working with NCC Skills is, should you be eligible, you can have training fully-funded by the government, costing you nothing to improve the basic skills of your employees*. We delivered over 11 million pounds of government funded training in 2014 and our close relationships with our FE colleges and training partners mean we can provide you access to key public funding for upskilling your workforce.

To find out what training we can offer your business simply fill out our online booking form and a member of our team will be in touch.
*subject to learner eligibility and funding availability


Once an employer gets in touch, NCC explore with our FE colleges and training partners what government funding is available to provide training to their staff free of charge. While we offer a personalised service tailored to your business needs, the learner will usually go through the following process:
One of our fully qualified NCC Skills tutors meets with the learners at their workplace to assess their basic skills level against national standards. Eligible learners are then automatically enrolled onto a course at the level they require in the chosen basic skill they wish to improve. Our qualifications are designed to support learners at all levels with the aim of ensuring that they can eventually achieve the equivalent of a GCSE Grade C.
Typically each course can be taught across an 8-10 week period consisting of a 1 hour session per week, either on a one-to-one or small group basis. All training takes place on-site at a flexible time that suits both the learner and the business. Employees are provided with high quality workbooks and are supported by a dedicated specialist tutor throughout.
With an overall 97% success rate, the vast majority of NCC Skills learners complete their 8 week course with dramatically improved competencies in English and/or maths. For those with contextualised awards, the learner also achieves an individualised certificate that affords them a better understanding of their key responsibilities. Training with NCC Skills can help prepare employees for further learning, as well as making them better prepared for career progression.

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